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We'll work any room.

At KO Luxury Organizing, no space is off-limits! From laundry rooms and garages to home offices and under-stairwell storage closets, we're here to help you create systems to maximize your storage potential.

Other Areas of Organization

Here at KO Luxury Organizing, we've organized everything from a 100 year old coal room to your standard linen closet. So whether it's getting the baby room ready for your new little one or putting in custom shelving in your utility room, there's always a solution to keep you organized for the long term.

What's Included

No matter the space, we take great care in designing an organizing system with your needs in mind, including your habits, the size of your space, product preferences, and home aesthetics.

Every project starts with the removal of everything, drawer and cabinet cleaning, purging if requested, product and system implementation, and, of course, labeling!

Custom Installations

If your space lacks structure, like shelves, cabinets, and drawers, exploring a custom installation may be a good option for you! 

KO Luxury Organizing works with several local and national vendors to help you design a storage system that's right for your space and budget.

Laundry room shelves organized with teal and white bins
Clear storage totes organized on Elfa shelves

Photo Gallery

"Kristi did an amazing job with my office. Before the makeover, it was a disaster, which wasn't a great background for my Zoom calls. After the organizing, my office looked so different, that my clients on Zoom calls asked me if I had moved! Two years later, my office is still neat and tidy. She even made it ADHD proof! On top of that, Kristi is fun, pleasant, professional, and a dream to work with. Highly recommend!"

Neil | LoHi

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