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Organizing can be overwhelming for many, but it's incredibly rewarding when all is said and done! It’s a chance to redefine your space and transform your life with intention.

Your home represents years of life experiences and memories (even that bag of chocolate chips from 2006), so let's make sure the ones that matter most are at the heart of every space.

The KO Method is a comprehensive process to ensure you're left with a space you love. And rest assured, every project is always handled with the utmost compassion, care, confidentiality, and zero judgment.

*All photos used on my website are with client consent.

KOLO Drawer Organization-CROPPER.jpeg

The KO Method:
Knocking it Out in 6 Steps


My initials are KO, but it’s also my philosophy. With The Knock Out Method, I take a collaborative approach to getting your organizing projects done efficiently and 100% to your satisfaction. Here’s how I knock it out in six proven steps:



We'll start with a phone call and then look at photos or do a walk-through to understand your needs and provide a quote for your approval.



Time to organize and build a system to meet your needs. This includes shopping for products and custom installs if needed.



The puzzle begins! We’ll empty contents to determine what is kept, donated, trashed, or moved. This part is so gratifying!



Say buh-bye to unwanted belongings, such as junk, chemicals, and donations.



The space will be cleaned of dirt, crumbs, and other debris. (Unless there are bees, then I’m out.)



The last step is orienting you in your new space! I’ll make sure you know where everything is (if we haven't discussed it along the way).

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