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A project you don't want to leave hanging.

That feeling. You walk into your brand new closet. Everything has a place. You can see what you have. And most of all, you're excited to get dressed and tackle your day. That's what we're going for.

Closet Organization

Whether it's a fully designed install, making the most of an existing space, or helping you decide what to let go of (we know it's hard, even though the 80s are back), we'll make your closet feel bigger, better, easier to navigate, and more inspiring every time you walk into it.

What's Included

Every closet is designed with your needs in mind, including your habits, the size of your space, product preferences, and home aesthetic.

All closet organization projects start with the removal of everything, purging assistance, cleaning, product and system implementation, and of course, labeling!

Custom Installations

If your closet lacks structure, like shelves, hanging rods, and drawers, exploring a new closet system may be a good option for you! 

KO Luxury Organizing works with several local and national vendors to help you design the closet system that's right for your space and budget.

"From messy to magnificent... being organized is not my nature but Kristi helped me purge clothes that no longer serve me, and helped me build a fabulously organized closet that brings me joy every morning - Kristi transformed my life. Literally."

Hilary | Central Park

Let's Get Organized.
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