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Drawer Organization

Denver, CO

Not sure how to organize your drawers? Whether you have deep drawers, wide drawers, tiny drawers, and everything in between - there's ALWAYS an organizing solution.

Here are 12 steps for organizing your drawers, followed by 27 drawer examples with links to the products I used!

Drawer Organization in 12 Steps

  1. Give your drawer a purpose

  2. Remove everything

  3. Categorize by like-item

  4. Discard unwanted items

  5. Clean drawer

  6. Measure drawer (w x d x h)

  7. Purchase drawer organizers

  8. Contain each category with its own organizer

  9. Use adhesive dots to keep organizers from sliding

  10. Label if needed

  11. Educate your household on the new drawer

  12. Tidy up the drawer from time to time!

27 Drawer Organization Examples

1) Tech Drawer

SpaceAid Bamboo Dividers w/ Sections

2) Ziplock Drawer

3) Tupperware Drawer

4) Dish Towel Drawer

5) Art Supply Drawer

6) Yoga Pants Drawer

7) Table Linen Drawer

8) Spice Drawer

9) Makeup Drawer

10) Bathroom Drawer

11) Hair Supply Drawer

12) Skincare Drawer

13) Drawers with Built-In Organizers!

14) Kitchen Tool Drawer

15) Jewelry Drawer

16) Kiddo Drawer

17) Coffee Drawer

SpaceAid Bamboo Dividers w/ Adjustable Sections and Labels

18) Nightstand Drawer

Bamboo drawer organizer set (used 2)

19) Bar Drawer

20) Snack Drawer

21) Silverware Drawer

22) Candy Drawer

SpaceAid Bamboo Dividers w/ Adjustable Sections

23) T-Shirt Drawer

24) Closet Drawer

25) Dresser Drawer

26) Medicine Drawer

27) Tiny Deep Drawer

As you can see, there are endless ways to organize drawers depending on the contents of the drawer and the size of the drawer, but there's always a solution!

If you're looking for the products I used in this post, just click on the photos. Most of the photos are linked to the products used. I find most of my drawer organizers at The Container Store or Amazon.

If you're in a war with your drawer, reach out!

Good luck, drawer slayers!

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