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22 Drawer Organizing Ideas

Denver, CO

I LOVE organizing drawers. There's nothing more satisfying than opening a beautifully organized drawer and immediately finding what you need. Here are 22 drawer organizing examples for nearly any drawer in your home, along with product ideas and tips.

1) Tech Drawer Organization

Keep your tech in check with SpaceAid Bamboo Drawer Dividers with Inserts. This set comes with labels, or you can use your own label maker like I did.

SpaceAid Bamboo Dividers w/ Sections

2) Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organization

Organize your kitchen utensils by categorizing and containing them with the Everything Drawer Organizer from The Container Store. I love these because they come in several sizes. I usually buy a bunch of each size, play around with the configuration at home, and then return what I don't use. It makes it easier than trying to determine what sizes you'll need upfront. I also like to use Adhesive Dots on the bottom corners of each container to keep them from sliding around when the drawer opens and closes.

An organized kitchen utensil drawer with clear drawer organizers

3) Tupperware Drawer Organization

Before organizing your Tupperware drawer, declutter and match containers with their corresponding lids. Get rid of anything without a match, broken, or overly stained. Nest your containers that are the same size and then utilize drawer dividers to create sections based on size or type, making it easy to access and maintain order.

An organized Tupperware drawer with bamboo drawer dividers

4) Dish Towel Drawer Organization

Bamboo drawer dividers are also great for dish towel organization! Start by sorting towels by type or purpose, such as kitchen cleaning towels and decorative hand towels. Utilize dividers to create separate sections for each towel type, ensuring easy access and a tidy appearance. I like to fold my towels in thirds and then roll, but play around with the fold to find the right fit for your drawer.

An organized dish towel drawer with towels rolled and separated by dividers

5) Art Supply Drawer Organization

These SmartStore Inserts are great for any deep drawer! I used them in my client's art studio for her paintbrush supplies, but you can use them for a number of things.

A deep drawer with paint brushes organized by size in tall white containers

6) Underwear Drawer Organization

This is one of my favorite closet products! Try organizing your underwear with this 32-Compartment Drawer Organizer by folding, rolling (or shoving, lol) each pair in individual compartments. This allows for easy access, keeps them neatly separated, and maximizes drawer space.

An organized underwear drawer with each pair organized in its own compartment

7) Spice Drawer Organization

Every time I do a spice drawer for a client, they always tell me it's their favorite thing to show house guests, which makes my heart happy! They're just so fun to look at AND functional. This spice drawer has a Rev-A-Shelf wood spice drawer insert, but you can also buy a tray like this to display your jars upon. As far as jars and labels go, there are a million options to choose from. I chose these labels and jars to match the aesthetic of the kitchen.

A gorgeous organized spice drawer with a wood tray and jars with black lids and labels

8) Jewelry Drawer Organization

I love these jewelry trays for keeping jewelry organized in a drawer. They come in various configurations, so you can mix and match them depending on your jewelry collection and the size of your drawer.

Jewelry organized in a drawer with jewelry trays

9) Makeup Drawer Organization

The Luxe Acrylic Drawer Organizers are a great option for organizing your makeup drawer. Sort your makeup products by type, such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and brushes, and arrange them neatly within separate compartments. This makes it easy to see what you have and looks pretty. For extra help staying organized, label the drawer ledge with each category.

Makeup organized in a drawer with clear drawer organizers

10) Bar Drawer Organization

These acacia drawer organizers look gorgeous in a wood-toned drawer. I used them for a client's bar supply drawer for a cohesive, elegant look.

Wine openers and other bar supplies organized in a drawer with wood organizers

11) Candy Drawer Organization

Candy drawer, anyone? This is great for Halloween or the office break room! This is the same product from the first drawer idea shown in this post. It's a super versatile product, especially if you want adjustable dividers.

Several different types of candy organized in a drawer with dividers

12) Dresser Drawer Organization

If you have deep drawers, these expandable clear drawer dividers are great for creating separation in your drawers for yoga pants, t-shirts, tank tops, and more.

Clothing in dresser drawers organized with clear expandable dividers

13) Tea & Coffee Drawer Organization

Always a hit! If you have the space to do this, pick a drawer near your coffee machine and mugs, and you'll make the whole family swoon. I used the Everything Deep Drawer Organizers for this family's favorites.

Tea packets and nespresso pods organized by type in clear drawer organizers

14) Glassware Drawer Organization

Deep drawers are a great option if you don't have cupboard space or need to have your glassware down low. I used expandable bamboo drawer organizers to separate each type of glass and keep them secure.

Glasses organized in a drawer with drawer dividers

15) Silverware Drawer Organization

Expandable silverware organizers are great for keeping silverware organized while maximizing drawer space. I always try to choose one that matches the color of the inside of the drawer for a cohesive look. There are a million options out there to fit any drawer size, so be sure to measure your drawer. This is the silverware drawer organizer shown below.

Silverware organized in a drawer with a bamboo expandable drawer organizer

16) Silverware & Utensil Drawer Organization

Consider combining silverware with other utensils if you're limited in drawer space. The Everything Drawer Organizers are great for configuring your drawer to accommodate utensils and tools of various sizes.

Silverware and kitchen utensils organized in a drawer with clear drawer organizers

17) Knife Drawer Organization

If you're dying to get that knife block off your countertop, try creating a knife drawer with an in-drawer knife holder. It keeps your counters clear and your knives protected, and they are easily accessible!

Knives organized in a drawer with a bamboo in-drawer knife holder

18) Tool Drawer Organization

This client lives in a high-rise building without a garage space to store tools, so I created a tool drawer using the Everything Deep Drawer Organizers to keep their essential tools organized and easily accessible.

Tools organized by category in a drawer with clear drawer organizers

19) Craft Drawer Organization

The Everything Deep Drawer Organizers shown above also work great in pull-out drawers. I used them for this family's kid craft supply drawer. Keeps all their supplies organized by category and easy to grab when the kids want to get crafty, and also makes for easy clean up!

Craft supplies organized in a pull-out drawer with clear drawer organizers

20) Bathing Suit Drawer Organization

There are all kinds of ways to organize bathing suits, but for this client, I needed something that would fit in this somewhat shallow drawer and have adjustable compartments big enough for one-piece bathing suits. These drawer organizers worked great and can be used in a variety of ways.

One-piece bathing suits organized in a drawer with long narrow bins with dividers

21) Sock Drawer Organization

Drawer dividers are an easy way to organize your sock drawer and other folded clothing items like t-shirts and yoga pants. These expandable OXO Good Grips Drawer Dividers are great for smaller drawers that aren't very deep (front to back).

Socks and t-shirts organized in two drawers and separated in sections with drawer dividers

22) Bathroom Drawer Organization

I love the Everything Drawer Organizers. They work for many different types of drawers and come in two different depths and several different sizes. This a drawer I organized for a client to give their everyday bathroom essentials an easily accessible home to help keep clutter off the counter.

Bathroom essentials like toothpaste organized in a drawer with clear drawer dividers

I hope these drawer organizing ideas have been helpful!

As you can see, there are endless ways to organize drawers, depending on their contents and size, but there's always a solution. Be sure to measure your drawer before you choose a product to ensure you find something that fits your drawer and works well for your belongings. And, of course, if you're in a war with your drawer, reach out.

Good luck, drawer slayers!


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