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A Closet Makeover with Elfa Decor

Aurora, CO

Do you ever look at your closet and feel overwhelmed? Is getting ready in the morning a daily struggle due to a lack of organization? Enter a new closet system! In this post, I'll show you how adding structure to your closet can help you maximize vertical space, stay organized, and have a happier start to the day!

An organized closet with an Elfa Decor custom closet system

Step 1: Assess Your Needs

The first step to achieving closet nirvana is understanding your storage needs. For this client, I helped them assess their inventory to determine what they owned and where they lacked storage. In this case, they needed more hanging space for shirts and pants and better shoe storage. They also needed drawers for socks, undergarments, workout clothes, loungewear, and pajamas. By identifying their specific needs, I was able to tailor their custom closet system accordingly. Here is what their closet looked like originally.

An messy, unorganized closet lacking structure

An messy, unorganized closet lacking structure

An messy, unorganized closet lacking structure

Step 2: Design Your Dream Closet

There are many custom closet companies, which can be overwhelming. I helped this client evaluate options and determine which closet system made sense for their needs, timeline, and budget. We landed on the Elfa Decor system from The Container Store because they wanted something quick, adjustable, and a little more affordable than some other systems.

From there, I measured the space, put together a rough design, helped the client decide on finishes and customizations, and then worked with an Elfa Decor designer to obtain a quote. Once approved, I finalized the order, scheduled delivery of the product, and coordinated installation, making it hands-off, easy, and hassle-free for the client.

Closet design

Container Store closet design for an Elfa Decor closet system

Step 3: Installation Day

Elfa systems can generally be delivered and installed within a couple of weeks. This closet was planned, approved, ordered, installed, and organized in under three weeks.

Installation day is typically quick and easy (a minimum of a couple of hours, depending on the size of your space), and that includes demoing the existing closet structure and patching.

The client wasn't home for the installation, so I arrived early, pulled everything out of their closet before the installer arrived, greeted the installer, guided him as needed, and then simultaneously prepped their belongings for the organization once the installation was complete.

Before Installation - lacking closet structure!

An empty closet with minimal structure before a custom closet installation

During Installation - more hanging rods, drawers, and shelves!

Step 4: Getting Organized

The beauty of Elfa Decor lies in its versatility. There are several colors, finishes, hardware options, and accessories you can choose from to enhance the functionality of your closet to help keep it organized and clutter-free. The shelves and rods are also adjustable, so you can move things around as your needs change.

An organized closet with an Elfa Decor custom closet system

Once the closet was installed, I moved the client's belongings into their new closet and organized everything with baskets, labels, and other organizing solutions to keep things contained and systemized. I also swapped all their hangers for a clean, consistent look.

An organized closet with an Elfa Decor custom closet system

An organized closet with an Elfa Decor custom closet system

An organized closet with an Elfa Decor custom closet system

Step 5: Final Touches

Every client has unique needs, and that's my favorite part! For this client, we added a jewelry cabinet with an external mirror to keep her large collection of jewelry easily accessible and also serve a dual purpose by having a mirror to help her and her husband get dressed in the mornings.

I also noticed that she may not be able to reach the top shelf in her closet, so I purchased a folding step stool that she could use as needed. When collapsed, its low profile makes it easy to tuck away when not in use.

And that's it! Now, this client has WAY more structure in their closet, making it so much easier to store all of their belongings, stay organized, and keep a clean and clutter-free environment for the long term. Plus, doesn't it look like a happier place? I don't know about you, but a bright and happy closet = a more peaceful start to the day!

Before & After

If your closet is stressing you out, schedule a free consultation! Let's chat about the right solution for you.

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