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Love the space you’re in.


KO Luxury Organizing is a Denver-based professional organizing company that can help transform your life through functional spaces that are meticulously organized and decluttered while being aesthetically beautiful.

You can think of Kristi (or "KO" as some call her) as your closet counselor, garage guru, drawer slayer, office organizer, and overall mess whisperer with an eye for design that perfects the spaces in your home that need a little (or a lot of) extra love.

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The Knock Out Method

Her philosophy makes it efficient and fun!

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Balance starts at home.

Your home is a reflection of you. When it’s full of excess, you feel that weight, whether you realize it or not. Like lingering chores and errands, that garage full of junk, cluttered pantry, or closet bursting with unworn clothing - it takes up room in your home and your head.


By sorting, distilling, and containing your belongings, Kristi helps you create space for more important things so you can live life in better balance and embrace the positive changes.

Benefits to you:

  • Be more productive and efficient with your time.

  • Feel less overwhelmed and regain a sense of control.

  • Project a positive image to yourself and others.

  • Rediscover treasures you forgot you had.

  • Have more time to focus on what’s most important. 

  • Gain energy and calm from your new space.

  • Have emotional support from a trusted pro.

  • Love your space so much that you don’t want to leave!


Kristi is the BEST when it comes to all things organizing! If you are moving, down-sizing, or if you’re just trying to organize an area Kristi is your person. She’s super efficient, has an eye for detail, and in my experience there is no job too big. Kristi labeled everything, and has continued to come in quarterly to help us keep up on her efforts. She makes sure the space works for you and your family.”

—  Kyanne | Denver, CO

Client Reviews

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