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Whole Home Organizing

Wash Park | Denver, CO

I love helping families move in! It's an opportunity to implement a home-wide organizing system right from the start that will help everyone feel settled.

This client moved to Denver from out-of-state and brought me in once the movers delivered their boxes. I helped them organize 13 key spaces in their home, which included three closets, the kitchen and pantry, the mudroom, two bathrooms, a play area, the craft room, the kiddos' rooms, and the laundry room.

Check out some of the highlights!


Primary Closet


Kid Closet

Craft Room

Bathroom Closet

Kid Room (Under Bunk Bed)

The Whole Home Organizing Process

When I organize any space, whether it's one space or multiple, it always starts with space planning and understanding the client's needs. From there, I determine the best place for each type of item, bring in the right product to contain said items (and also ensure the product matches their aesthetic), organize and label, clean, break down trash, and remove unwanted donations.

The goal is always to create a functional, long-lasting system that benefits the entire family. But most importantly, I try to help reduce the stress, overwhelm, and sheer exhaustion that moving can induce so that you can feel settled and enjoy your new home!

Need help getting organized post-move? Give me a shout!


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