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Coal & Furnace Rooms

Hilltop | Denver, CO

With 2021 behind us, I can't help but reflect back on all the amazing transformations my clients embarked upon this year, and this one stands out. Let me tell you, if a 100-year-old coal room and furnace room can be organized into functional storage, anything's possible. Check this out!

For this project, my client wanted to turn two old dingy spaces into fresh, functional storage - and that she did! After Custom Remodeling & Restoration worked their magic to refinish both spaces, I worked with the Container Store to create a custom solution to provide the structure required to house all of their belongings.

Since the newly refinished spaces both had beautiful wood paneling, we decided to go with an Elfa Free-Standing Shelving Solution to avoid damaging the paneling. It looks nearly identical to the standard wall-hanging Elfa that you're used to seeing but instead it's floor-based.

Here are some before and after photos of both spaces...

COAL ROOM - Before and After

The goal for the coal room was to maximize space as much as possible for storage bins, but also leave space for a work/craft bench, plus some room to grow.

FURNACE ROOM - Before and After

For the furnace room, the goal was to create additional space for storage bins, plus have extra room for back stock and regularly used items, like wrapping paper.

The Organizing

When working on a space like this, it's really important to do your homework, as it's crucial that you understand your inventory to ensure you build an adequate storage solution.

At the beginning of the project, my client and I walked through all of their belongings (pictured below), so that I could get a good sense of what they needed to store. Once I had a clear inventory list, then I began the planning process and obtained design/quote options for shelving solutions.

While construction was underway, I worked further to thoroughly distill, sort, and prep their belongings for move-in day, which included purchasing the correct storage bins, getting everything organized, labeled, etc..

In the end, we had over 50 storage bins and several miscellaneous items that were to be stored in drawers and other storage solutions within the newly remodeled spaces. Here's a video of all their belongings binned up, labeled, and ready for move in!

Projects like this require a lot of prep and good planning, but when done right, it can truly transform your space and your day-to-day life.

If you have a space that seems daunting or unbearable, just remember, there's ALWAYS a solution. And if you want a partner in crime, give me a shout!

To all my clients, thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing year of making change. You all are superheros and I'm so grateful to have been a part of your journeys!

Cheers to a transformative 2022!



Products Used:

Sterilite 66qt ClearView Latch Box Clear with Purple Latches

Y-Weave Curved Decorative Storage Baskets

Large Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Dual Zipper Closure

Our Jumbo Box

Iris Clear Gift Wrap Box

Everything Drawer Organizers

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