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Swarovski Ornament Organization

Lowry | Denver, CO

For the past 17 years, my sweet Grandma, who’s currently 92, has gifted me (and all the ladies in our family) the Swarovski Annual Edition Ornament.

Swarovski Annual Edition Ornaments

I love them so much because they are sooo sparkly, and they remind me of her and our shared love of the holidays.

Me and Grandma Christmas Circa 1983(ish)

Every year I count the months until I can display them again, and it takes everything in me not to display them all year. When December finally arrives, I hang them from the chandelier in our dining room (because they feel safer there than on the tree), and I absolutely love how they send tiny shimmering rainbows dancing all over our walls in the morning sunlight.

As much as I love these beauties, I’m equally as terrified that I will break one. For the longest time, I stored them in their original packaging between holiday seasons, but as the collection grew, I moved them to a hard ornament storage container with dividers, and wrapped each ornament in men’s silk pocket squares (hey whatever works!).

Ornament Box and Pocket Squares
Safe and So Pretty!

Now that the holidays are nearing, they are on full display, bringing me and my hubby a warm and fuzzy sense of normalcy during this very strange year.

Me and Grandma Circa 2008 (my wedding)

Thank you, Grandma! I will always cherish this beautiful tradition.

Sending all my love to everyone this holiday season!



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