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Playroom Organization

Congress Park | Denver, CO

If you have kids, then you know how completely overwhelming toys can be!

There are either a million little parts (talkin' to you, Legos), or they're big and awkward making them hard to store (talkin' to you, Nerf Guns). AND, they just keep coming!

So, what do you do after your kids play their little hearts out and then leave the playroom in total disarray? You need an organizing system.

Contain, Contain, Contain

The key to playroom sanity is to CONTAIN as much as humanly possible.

If you contain every category of toy within a basket or bin, it makes it easier to not only find toys and put them away, but it will also make the space look neat and tidy because the toys are hidden! Yup, we're basically just hiding the crazy :)

5 Tips for Containing Toys:

  1. Group toys by like-item (ie legos, dolls, etc.)

  2. Contain each group into a bin/basket

  3. Choose bins/baskets that are:

  4. durable

  5. easy for kids to get toys in/out of

  6. the right size for the group of toy

  7. the right size for the space (ie will it fit on the shelf?)

  8. cohesive with your playroom decor

  9. Label the bins/baskets with simple words

  10. Remember, toys don't need to look pretty inside the bins!

For anything bulky, such as large toy trucks, create a designated spot on a shelf or in a cabinet, so they always have a place to be returned to. For this space, I created a "parking lot" for the large trucks on the floor, which makes it fun when putting the trucks away. They can park them!


The "One In, One Out" Rule

The biggest challenge for most parents is that toys just keep coming from birthdays, holidays, grandma... you name it... and it can quickly make your organizing system combust if you're not on top of it.

The best thing to do is regularly practice the "one in, one out" rule. It's pretty straightforward: when your kids get a new toy, have them choose an old toy to donate (if they're old enough to choose, otherwise you'll need to choose).

It's a great practice to get in the habit of doing with your kids early and regularly. In fact, it can even be fun and rewarding for kids to learn how to give back to a child in need. They can even take part in the process of choosing the charity the toy gets donated to!

You'll be surprised at how much kids get excited about playroom organization! Kids CRAVE order and systems. You'll find that your kids will get excited to go pick out a toy from the new system - it's almost like going to a toy store! Plus, they will oftentimes play with more of their toys because they can see everything they have, and you'll also see over time which toys are no longer of interest and ready to be donated.

So there you have it! Good luck, and if you need an expert, holler at me. I'm here to help!

Products Used:

White Plastic Storage Bins with Handles

Water Hyacinth Storage Cubes with Handles

Y-Weave Medium Decorative Storage Basket

Y-Weave Curved Decorative Storage Baskets

IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit

Bin Clips

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