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Pantries & Groceries

The Highlands | Denver, CO

Did you know that an organized pantry can help you grocery shop?

It's true! When all the food within your pantry is organized by category, it makes it so much easier to quickly see when you're running low on something, which then makes it easier to build a grocery list.

Organizing by Category

The key to getting your pantry organized by category is to group like-items together and then contain each category with bins and baskets so that very little is left loose. For this pantry, the only items that were left loose were the cereal boxes in the upper left, mostly due to them being too tall for the shelf height (as well as a few other bulky items which you'll see in photos below). Here's how this pantry was categorized based on the regular food items that this client likes to have on hand:

Use Your Pantry to Help You Grocery Shop

I always tell clients, use your space to help you grocery shop! When you're making your grocery list, stand in front of your pantry and take a quick glance to see what items you're running low on or out of, and then add it to your grocery list. This ensures that you don't overbuy, as overbuying can often leave you with way too much stuff that you don't have room to store, which then typically results in a disorderly space. So, once your pantry is organized by category, use it to help you shop! It's one of the greatest benefits of having an organized pantry.

Mental Health Benefits of an Organized Pantry

In addition to grocery shopping becoming WAY easier, having an organized pantry can be an instant stress reliever! My clients consistently tell me that they have an immediate sense of relief when they walk into their newly organized pantry. Because whether we realize it or not, disorganization can take a toll on our mental well being. The second you have an organized pantry, you can instantly feel lighter, more motivated to cook and grocery shop, and HAPPY! Who doesn't want HAPPY!?

More Pantry Organizing Tips

For more tips on how to organize your pantry, check out this post on Quick Tips to Organizing Your Pantry. Or, if you'd rather bring a pro, drop me a line!

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