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Organizing Post-Reno

Castle Pines Village, CO

Home renovations are incredibly exciting and insanely stressful all at the same time!

In this client's case, they had to pack up all of their belongings, move them into a storage facility, live in a rental home for nine months, and then move everything back into an entirely new space when the renovations were complete.

My client called me because she was so happy and thrilled to be back in her newly renovated home but overwhelmed at the thought of getting everything organized on her own, so I helped her put the finishing touches on the space, and oh what fun we had!

Here are a few of the highlights!



Linen Closet

Laundry Room Closet



We Even Did Some Fall Decorating!

And so much more! And, of course, by the end, I was BFFs with her pets...

Need help getting organized post-renovation? I can help! Just holler.

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