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Nonexistent Closet

City Park | Denver, CO

When it comes to closet organization, anything is possible. ANYTHING!

Read on to learn more about how I helped this client turn her nonexistent closet into this...

Nonexistent Closet...

One very chilly November day in 2021, I met my client at her new home to help her figure out a solution for her nonexistent closet. This is what the space looked like that day...

Dreamy New Closet...

Fast forward to Spring of 2022, and she had this! The goal? She wanted to create a combo office / "getting ready room" with a closet, but the closet needed to be closed and discrete as it would eventually sit behind her on Zoom calls. So, I enlisted my friends at Closet Factory to help us build a custom closet solution.

Closet Customizations

What I like about working with Closet Factory is that everything is custom. You can pretty much build whatever your heart desires. For example, my client wanted her closet to reflect her personality and have a little bit of flair, so we added these two super cool sage green doors into the design, among many other customizations!

Making it Your Own

The most important thing in any closet space is to make it your own. For this client, it was really important to her that she could display all of her fun accessories, including several sentimental items (such as her mom's antique jewelry box). So we built the system in a way that would give her ample space to do so.

Organization for Maximization

Once the system was installed, I helped her organize everything within the space, including bringing in the right product to help her maximize her drawers and cabinets.

Organizing is FUN

This project happened in phases over several months, and we had tons of fun along the way!

And just when I thought organizing couldn't get any more fun, she and her husband showed me their new ball pit that was in the making, and I, of course, had to test it out!

If your closet situation feels hopeless and you want a partner in crime, reach out!

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