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Mudroom Organization

The Highlands | Denver, CO

Mudrooms can be a blessing and a curse!

They're a blessing because you have this great space, that's somewhat hidden, where you can keep shoes, backpacks, coats, dog leashes, and other every day items tucked away from your main living spaces. But, they can quickly become the drop zone for everything, making them a total eyesore and a potential curse ;).

Here are four tips to keeping your mudroom organized...

#1: Give Your Mudroom a Purpose

To keep your mudroom off the curse list, give your mudroom a purpose. Determine what items will be stored in the mudroom and then give each of those items a contained space within a basket, bin, cubby, etc.... and stick with it!

#2: Create a "No Floor" Rule

Use baskets, bins, hooks, and other organizing solutions to give your items a home off the floor. Once the system is in place, it gets everyone in the habit of putting items away in their new home (baskets and bins) versus tossing things on the floor.

Now of course, sometimes there will be exceptions, like when you have wet shoes. Just be sure to put them away when dry to avoid a pileup!

#3: Use Labels and Have Fun with Them!

Once your items have a new home within a basket or bin, be sure to label them so that your family knows where to find items and put them away. Also, labels don't have to be serious. Have fun with them! Especially if you have kiddos. You can use fun words, shapes, icons, colors, and more!

#4: Distill Once per Month

Every month, take a few minutes to go through your coats, shoes, and other belongings to ensure they are appropriate for the season, still being worn/used, and/or are in the correct spot. This will keep your mudroom from bursting at the seams!

And that's it! Happy mudroom-ing!

Need help with your mudroom? Reach out!

Products Used:

Command Hooks

Hampton Woven Storage Bin

Silver Bin Clips

Water Hyacinth Bins

White Plastic Storage Bin

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