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Modern Walk-In Pantry

Boulder, CO

This was such a fun pantry to organize up in Boulder!

When I posted it on Instagram, I received a lot of questions about the products I used, so here are all the products with links! Everything came from Amazon and The Container Store.

If you scroll to the end, you can see the before video.


luxury pantry organization

Glass Food Canisters with Script Labels

Glass jars for food organization

White Baskets with Black Lids and White Labels

Bamboo Can Display

pantry organization

Lazy Susans

Black Baskets

Hyacinth Baskets

White Baskets

pantry organization with lazy susans and baskets

Other Products used:

small appliance organization

We consolidated all of their small appliances to the right side of the pantry because the shelves weren't as deep as the other two sides, giving us more space for food storage bins on the deeper shelves. Plus, this shelf wasn't visible from their kitchen, which looked prettier! All that to say, we didn't use any product on this side.

Check out this pantry before it was organized. What a difference a system makes!

I hope these product links were helpful. Remember, before purchasing products for your own pantry, be sure to measure your space to ensure the product will maximize your shelves and accommodate your food categories properly.

Need help organizing your pantry and selecting great products that fit, look great, and make life easier? Reach out!


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