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Kiddo Craft Room

Wash Park | Denver, CO

Aahhh, kid craft rooms. They are THE cutest and so much fun to organize!

This client moved from out-of-state and had a clean slate for building a craft room for their two small kiddos. My task was to figure out how to fit their crafts, games, and legos into a shelving unit in an orderly but cute and sophisticated way to match their decor.

Check it out!

Before Organization

During Organization

After Organization

Store Messy Items Up High

In any kid space, it's important to store the "messy" or potentially destructive items (i.e. paint, markers, scissors, etc.) up high to ensure they are only used when supervised.

Store Safe Items Within Reach

And then store the items that are "safe" at their level for easy reach. I always work closely with parents to understand their needs to ensure I build a system that will work for them.

Match Product with Decor

Kid spaces can often look messy and cluttered. But, if you tie the bins and baskets into your decor, kid spaces can simultaneously look sophisticated and cute! I brought in organizing products that tied in with the yellows and greys from their rug.

Post-Project Adjustments

After the project was over, the client loved these terracotta bins so much that they requested four more for growth! I labeled one for legos, and we kept the rest label-free for now. Scroll to the bottom of this post for all the products used in this space.

Tip! Felt bumpers are a great way to protect walls if you have hard bins that could potentially be shoved vigorously against your pretty painted walls by excited, happy kiddos :)


If you need help wrangling your kiddos' crafts and games, reach out!

Products Used:

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