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Kid Room + Closet

Wash Park | Denver, CO

Ok, so here's the scenario for this kiddo's super cute room!

My client moved here from out of state, built a new home, and hired me to help them get organized. I was with them for nine days over the course of about six weeks while boxes arrived, furniture was delivered, organizing products came in, and closets were installed.

When it comes to working with clients that are in the middle of a major move like this, it's all about flexibility because there are so many moving parts and unknowns, and things are constantly changing. This kiddo's room is a great example of that. Here's how it went down!

Organizing in Phases

The first time I visited their home, the bedroom didn't have any furniture yet. Their son was sleeping on an air mattress, and his belongings were slowly making their way from boxes to his new room. So, the client filled me in on the vision for his room, and I organized it in phases as all of the pieces came together.

California Closets Custom Install

Since furniture hadn't arrived yet, I started with his closet. The client hired California Closets to install a custom closet, which was completed a couple of days before I started. This is a photo of the closet pre-installation. If you lack structure in your closet (i.e. rods, shelves, drawers, etc.), California Closets is a great option!

Organizing Prep

In advance of the project, I purchased the appropriate organizing products that aligned with the client's home aesthetics, product requests, and closet dimensions, including a laundry hamper, drawer organizers, baskets, etc. The client provided me with the final design drawings of the closet so that I could plan ahead and order the product before I started the project. Of course, there are always additional things that are needed once the project gets underway, but I like to be as prepared as possible.

The Key to Kids' Closets?

The key to success with kiddo closets is to make the organizing system simple and easy to follow, especially when the kiddo is at the age of dressing themselves. This enables them to follow the system (i.e. know where to find and put things away), and form good organizing habits at an early age.

Organizing by Color

After the closet was done and the rest of the boxes and furniture arrived, I then popped back into his room to organize his toys and books under his bunk bed. How cute is this little desk and toy area? I'm a big fan of tying the color of organizing baskets into the overall room decor, and also organizing books by color. It looks great, plus, kids tend to remember books by their color, which makes it easier for them to find books at storytime.

Final Touches

And finally, I created a little home for his "stuffies!" I love these oversized baskets from Amazon. They come in various colors and sizes, but I mostly love that they are cute, soft, and indestructible!

And that was it!

My two favorite things about working on kid spaces:

  1. It takes the stress off of parents (especially during the chaos of moving)

  2. Kids LOVE it! They love feeling organized as much as we do, and they get so excited when they see their newly organized space. This kiddo's reaction was, "WWWOOOOOWWWW!" And that makes me smile :)

Below are some of the products I used in this space. If you need help getting your kiddo's room organized, give me a shout!

Products Used:

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