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Organizing in Zones

I don't know much about the rules of football, but I do know that zone coverage is important! Same with organizing.

If you create zones for like-items (or categories) within your space, it will protect that zone from being invaded by something that doesn't belong. And the best news? There's no tackling involved and you can use the zone technique in any space in your home! Check out the examples below.

Example #1: Closet

Organizing by zone gives every type of item a "home" or designated spot within your space, making it easy to find things when you need them, and return items to their spot when you're done.

Example #2: Fridge

The key to success? If you're diligent about sticking to your system (ie returning items to their zone), you'll be amazed at how organized your space will keep you organized over time. Touch doooown!

Example #3: Drawers

Once your belongings are in their zone, contain any loose items with containers, bins, and/or baskets to keep things from getting messy. Loose items = disaster (this is when the other team wins).

Example #4: Garage

So where do you start? Remove everything from the space, purge unwanted items, relocate items that don't belong, sort the items you want to keep into categories by like-item, and then plan where each category will live within the space BY ZONE according to your habits and needs. Purchase products needed to contain loose items and then put everything in place.

Example #5: Pantry

Final tip! Like any good quarterback, you need a strong strategy. Use Post-It notes to plan your zones. It's much easier to move Post-It notes around vs. 30 cans of soup.

Go team! Good luck on your journey to the organizing super bowl. If you're looking for a Head Coach to organize your zones, you know where to find me!


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