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Interior Designer's Office

Vail, CO

I had so much fun working on this interior designer’s office! With a busy, thriving business (and family), she had zero time for keeping her samples organized. Insert moi!

The Organizing Process

Before this project began, nothing had a place, making it hard for her to find what she needed (and stay sane). Here is what her office storage closet looked like before The KO Method. This is the left and right sides of the closet in her office...


We decided it would be best to pull out the existing shelf and rod, and install a custom Elfa shelving solution instead. I worked with The Container Store on a design, and once it was approved by my client, I had the Elfa system shipped to her home in Vail. She then pulled everything out of the closet and had a handyman install the system before I arrived (I am based in Denver but travel anywhere!).

Elfa by The Container Store

Here's what the Elfa system looked like pre-organization. This is the Elfa basic melamine shelving and rolling drawer units, which significantly increased the foundational structure in her closet allowing her to have a better organizing system. She went from one shelf and one clothing rod TO four shelves and twenty drawers!! Significant increase in storage capacity.

The Organization

Once I arrived to her home in Vail, I sorted all of her samples, such as fabrics, tile, wood, wall coverings, carpet, office supplies, and more!

(She and her family were on vacation, which made it easy for me to spread out. I stayed at her home and worked away until I was done. I also did her kitchen and a few other spaces while I was there - more to come on those!).


In the end, all of her interior design samples had a home within the closet, making it so much easier for her to find what she needs as she's planning new spaces for her clients. The photos below are of the left and right sides of her closet.

Rolling Drawer Units for the Win!

Her fabrics were sorted by color and type. I'm so glad we decided to keep these drawer units as standalone units on wheels (versus installing them to the wall system), so that she can roll them in and out as she's planning her various interior design projects.

Open-Faced Bins for Convenience

All her wall coverings, flooring, and tile samples each had their own spot on the shelves (by color of course!). I used a lot of open-faced bins so that she can easily reach in and grab, but the bins are also small and light enough that she can pull them out as needed.

Final Touches

Once the closet was done, I organized a few of her desk drawers and decluttered her desktop. I added a clear filing system for her paperwork and a few other things to make her day more productive. Remember how her office looked when she left for vacation?

Good as new! Don't worry, I didn't leave her the Windex ;)

Before | After

Left side of closet...

Right side of closet...

I always tell clients that it's 100% worth starting over with an entirely new system if you're lacking a solid storage foundation. It can be a game changer, as you saw with this space!

Not sure where to begin? Holler at me!

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