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Holiday Decor Takedown

Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner! Which means, soon after, it will be time to take down the Christmas tree and all the holiday cheer before we know it.

Seriously, January is less than eight weeks away (say what? ) 😳

Holiday Decor Organization

The best time to organize your holiday decor is when you take it down after the holidays are over. If you don't have a great system in place already, this is where I can help you get organized so that the next holiday decorating season is easier!

What does a Holiday Takedown entail?

Here are the various ways I help my clients organize their holiday decor:

  • Take down Christmas decor (ornaments, garland, etc.)

  • Categorize decor by like-item

  • Contain decor with the right organizing solutions (storage totes, ornament organizers, wrapping paper holders, Christmas tree bags, etc.)

  • Label storage solutions for easy identification

  • Organize storage solutions in your designated storage location (basement, garage, closet, storage unit, etc.)

  • Implement shelving and other storage structures if needed

  • Decor purging and donation removal

Start the New Year Off Right

Ready to schedule your holiday takedown? I'm now booking for January.

Ready to book or have questions?

Reach out to schedule a brief 10-15 minute phone consultation!

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