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Garage Overhaul

Bonnie Brae | Denver, CO

For this client, life got busy and their garage got messy!

Check out the below article to learn how The KO Method was used to knock out this garage organization project in six steps.

STEP 1: Consult

After a phone call, we walked through the space to get the lay of the land and understand their goals. From there, I provided them with an estimate for organizational services.

BEFORE | Garage Consultation
BEFORE | Garage Consultation

STEP 2: Distill

The puzzle begins! Once the project was underway, I worked together with the couple to empty the contents of the entire space to determine what was kept, donated, trashed, or moved. Don't worry, looks daunting but I always make it fun (think fun tunes and lots of laughs), and I promise you won't regret it.

DURING | Growing Donation Pile
DURING | Growing Trash Pile
DURING | The "Keep" Pile

STEP 3: Clean

Once everything was out, then I used my shop vac to clean the space of dirt, dust, spider webs, and any other debris to get the space ready for everything to be moved back in.

DURING: So fresh and so clean clean!

STEP 4: Organize

Time to organize the space! This is when I worked my magic to build a functional system to meet their goals and needs. The first thing I always do is plan where each category of item is going to live by ZONE. When like-items are grouped together by zone, it's easy to find things and put things away.

From there, I implemented shelving and cabinetry if needed (in this case, we utilized existing shelving vs. a custom install) and I purchase the appropriate storage bins and various other products, like pegboard accessories and a bike rack, to contain their belongings. The more you can contain things, the more organized it will stay!

STEP 5: Remove

Say buh-bye! On most jobs, especially garages, there's typically a lot of items that need to be removed. I'll facilitate the removal of unwanted belongings, such as junk, chemicals, recycling, donations, and in some cases, hiring third-party vendors. For this client, we did numerous recycling runs, hired a junk removal service, and did a chemical pick-up. I took care of all the logistics, making it easy on my clients.

STEP 6: Reveal

And finally, time to orient my clients on their new space! I always make sure they know where everything is (if we haven't discussed it along the way), and this is by far my favorite part! Always so cool to see the weight of excess and disorganization lifted from their shoulders, and the excitement of a newly organized space set in. It's like being a kid in a candy shop!

AFTER | Me and my client feeling super jazzed!

And that's how it's done with the KO Method! Try it out! If you need help, drop me a line!

Products Used:

I used various storage bins and pegboard accessories from The Home Depot, as well as this nifty little bike stand from Ace Hardware and this shoe rack from The Container Store.


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