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Elfa by Container Store

Denver, CO

Having a solid foundation of shelving, drawers, and racks can do wonders in your closets, as it can truly expand your storage capacity without moving walls. Below you will find a few examples of spaces that were redone using Elfa by The Container Store.

Example #1: Main Bedroom Closet

I forgot to take a photo before the shelves and rod were demo'd, but you can see the outline of where the former rod and shelves used to live in the photo on the right. With the new Elfa system, we were able to significantly increase storage capacity by building a system that better accommodated my client's inventory. We went from/to:

Old System (right):

  • 1 long rod

  • 5 shelves

New System (left):

  • 3 rods

  • 9 shelves

  • 3 pull-out shoe racks

  • 8 drawers

  • 1 valet rod

This is the Elfa Decor line in walnut on chrome standards. With my industry trade discount, this system cost $3,232 (with tax, delivery and install).

Example #2: Storage Closet

For this next space, we went from 1 rod and 1 shelf to 1 rod and 7 shelves!

As you can see, the previous set-up made it pretty tough to stay organized as there wasn't the structure to support proper storage. She didn't need a long clothing rod in this space, and the shelf above was pretty narrow in depth, so most everything ended up on the floor. Therefore, we built something that better met her needs.

This is the Elfa Classic line (ventilated shelving) in white. With my industry trade discount, this system cost $1,137 (with delivery and install).

Example #3: Under Stairwell Storage Closet

This closet was very long and narrow making it tough to access belongings. Prior to the Elfa install, the client was using heavy duty metal wire racks (shown on the left) that were bulky and took up a ton of space. The new Elfa solution only came out from the wall about 13", making it much easier to walk through the space and grab the items needed (old solution came out about 19"). Plus, not having vertical bars in the way made it that much easier to grab items off the shelves.

This is the Elfa Classic line in white with grey melamine shelves. With my industry trade discount, this system cost $924 (with delivery and install).

Example #4: Coat Closet

This closet in my client’s new home didn’t have a clothing rod or shelves, so a custom solution was critical in making this closet useful. In this case, we went from zero structural components to 1 rod, 4 shelves, and 2 pullout shoe racks.

This is the Elfa Decor line in walnut with chrome standards. With my industry trade discount, this system cost $1,108 (with delivery and install).

How Does it Work?

What I love about the Elfa system is that it's modular, so you can build it to meet your needs depending on your specific inventory. It's also adjustable, meaning the components can be moved around and/or you can add/subtract components as your needs change (i.e. more shoes!!). There are also many options to choose from In terms of colors and materials, which allows you to build something that matches your aesthetic and budget.

Here are the steps:

  • Take pics of your space

  • Measure your space (width, depth, height)

  • Include structural details (doors, baseboards, existing shelves, etc)

  • Know your inventory (ie shoe quantity)

  • Schedule a design consultation with The Container Store (virtual or in-person)

  • They’ll create design options

  • You’ll choose colors and materials

  • You'll work with them to tweak the design until it’s perfect

  • They’ll deliver and install

  • They’ll even demo and patch if needed!

It’s generally a pretty quick process if they have everything in stock, plus their design services are free! If you’re handy, have time, and want to save on cost, you can even pick up the supplies and install on your own, which will save you about 20% in cost.

If You Need Help

If all of this sounds overwhelming and/or you don't have the time or patience to deal, you can hire a professional organizer (like moi!) to help you manage the process, including space planning based on your inventory, obtaining design and budget options, delivery and install management, and of course getting everything organized in the space post-installation.

At the end of the day, a solid foundation makes all the difference when it comes to increasing and maximizing your storage, so don’t be afraid to start over. Sometimes it's necessary, but can be an absolute game changer!


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