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Door Storage

Cherry Hills Village | Englewood, CO

When it comes to organizing, don't forget about the door! It's a great way to expand your storage capacity, especially in small closets like this one.

This closet was located in my client's home office, and as you can see in the photos below, it was packed with stuff. We moved much of what came out of this closet to the basement, relocated some items elsewhere, and discarded a lot.

Then we gave this closet an entirely new purpose, which was to store gift wrap and party supplies, since these were items she used frequently.

The new closet organization now allows her to easily access what she needs AND she has breathing room to grow! Plus, how cute is the gift wrap door organizer?

I love Elfa Door Racks because they are modular, so you can customize it to fit your needs, and add to it as your needs evolve. You can attach it to the door with over-the-door hooks that are very minimalistic (you hardly notice them), or you can mount it to your door if your door is thick enough. These units come in a couple different colors and have several accessory components to choose from. Great product for closet and pantry doors!

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