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Spring Closet Inspo

Spring is here! Time to refresh your closet. Here's some inspiration for sprucing things up!

File Fold

The file fold method (vs stacking) makes it easy to see what you have and maximize space.

Organize by Color

Creates consistency, looks pretty, and makes it easier to put looks together!

Contain with Baskets

Give everything a home and avoid clutter by grouping like-items by category and then containing with pretty baskets. Don't forget to label :)

Try Shelf Dividers

Using shelf dividers is another great way to contain while keeping things visible and easy to grab! Great for pants, sweaters, and other stackables. Looking for more creative organizing solutions? Check out this post.

Refresh Decor

Sometimes a new rug, mirror, art, or flowers can instantly make a closet feel fresh and new! Check out this closet refresh.

Label It!

From baskets and shelves to the inside of drawers - labels help everyone stay organized! Check out this post for more closet organizing ideas.

Create Zones

Sort your wardrobe by category and then create zones for each category within your closet. More on organizing by zones here.

Utilize Wall Space

Don't forget this precious real estate! Utilizing the walls in your closet is a great way to maximize space when organizing.

Install a New System

Lacking a solid foundation? Start over! Check out Elfa or Closet Factory for custom solutions. More on custom solution ideas here.

Enlist a Pro!

Need help? I'm here to help you purge, sort, find the right product, manage custom installations - and become your most organized self!

Text or call: 303-550-2628


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