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Closet Organization

Greenwood Village, CO

Moving into a fresh new closet is OOOH SOOO exciting! But getting it organized in a way that's functional and pretty can be challenging. Below are a few tips for setting up your new closet to ensure it meets your every day needs, while also being aesthetically pleasing!

Categorize Like-Items

The first step is to group like-items into piles (outside of the closet) so that you can get a grasp of what you have and how much of it you have, so that you can properly plan the space. This is also a GREAT opportunity to distill out any items that no longer serve you.

It's All About the Zones

From there, I highly recommend planning zones within your space, so that each category of like-item has a "home" or designated spot. When choosing your zones, consider how much space each category needs (be sure it's going to fit!) and your habits (be sure it's going to be practical!).

I find that visually planning zones with Post-It Notes can be helpful in ensuring everything will fit and that you've accounted for all categories of items. Post-Its are also easy to move around in the space as you're thinking through your plan. Below is a graphic representation of what I would write on Post-It Notes as I'm planning zones.

Containment is Key

Once your zones have been finalized and you start moving things into the closet, be sure to keep like-items together. Contain loose items (that don't live on a clothing rod) in drawers, baskets, and other organizing solutions to keep all your items neat and tidy. This will give you a place to find and return items, which will keep you organized longterm. Be sure to purchase products based on specific need and measurement (links to products used in this closet are listed at the end of this post). The goal is to avoid having anything loose!

Folding Tricks for Inside Your Drawers

Using the file fold method or the rolling method (vs. stacking) for clothing inside your drawers can help you save space, but more importantly, allow you to easily see what you have. This is a great option for t-shirts, PJ's, yoga pants, boxers, etc. Plus it looks cool!

Organizing in Rainbow Order

I love The Home Edit's "rainbow order" approach, especially for clothing as it's so visually appealing. Just remember the ROYGBIV sequence of hues, pronounced "Roy G Biv:" Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo, Violet. I tend to put black, grey, and white at the end.

And voila!

Every category of item has a place or "zone" within the closet, and all loose items are contained with product. This makes it easy to find what they need and where to put things away, making it easy to keep things looking neat and organized on a daily basis.




Two final tips...

Matching Hangers

Matching hangers creates consistency and a more elevated look. I'm a fan of crystal hangers, which is what's used here, or wood hangers as they are well structured (not thin and flimsy), which will protect your clothing from getting damaged.

The "One In, One Out" Rule

Over time, your zones might start to feel a little crowded or full. If that's the case, it's time to consider distilling out some items that no longer serve you to make room for what's new. The "one in, one out" rule is always a great practice to get in the habit of doing on a regular basis -- e.g. get a new pair of flip flops, get rid of an old pair of flip flops.

If everything has a home, and if you're committed to returning items to their home, you will be surprised at how organized the space will keep YOU. Let the space and your organizing system hold you accountable. It works!

Products Used:

Acrylic 4-Section Purse Storage

Acrylic purse Hanger

Smoke Montauk Woven Rectangular Bins

Silver Bin Clip Label Holder

Drawer Organizer Set

*This is a custom closet by Closet Factory.

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