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Closet Move-In Day

Wheatridge, CO

Aaaaah, I love closet move-in days! It's always so much fun to start from scratch in a fresh, new space, plus it's a great opportunity to implement a solid organizing system right from the get-go. Check out how I helped this client get organized in his new closet!

Structural Adjustments

First things first - check out the below video walk-through of the space before the organizing began. One of things you'll notice is that there is a lack of structural shelving and/or drawers within the space. So, to avoid a custom install, I brought in a couple of IKEA drawer units to give him adequate storage space (see above photo). I chose units that fit the space perfectly and were also very cohesive from a color standpoint, which made it look as though they were built in.

Drawer Organization

For organizing the drawers, I used clear adjustable drawer dividers as well as drawer inserts to organize his socks, boxers, workout shorts, etc..

I also used the file fold/rolling method so that he could always see what he has (vs. using the stacking method, which often requires digging for what you're looking for).

Shelf Dividers

For his pants, I used clear shelf dividers to keep categories separated and neat. When items are stacked on a top shelf like this, it's important that the items are visible and easy to grab. Shelf dividers are a great option in this case because they keep everything highly accessible and visible while still being contained without a basket.


This client wanted really nice hangers, so we chose a high-grade wooden hanger. Wood hangers are always your best bet if you want to prevent damage because they are sturdy and thick. Only downside is they do take up quite a bit more space then other hanger options. Probably worth noting that they are also quite an investment, as most closets require several hundred hangers. But they are so worth it ;)

Hat Organization

Like many guys, this client had a lot of hats! I used clear Command Hooks to create a wall hanging system for his collection. I love Command Hooks because they are easy to apply (require zero tools), and they are also easy to remove without damaging the wall. AND, they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials - even metal. It's hard to see in this photo, but there is a bottom row of hooks that are awaiting new hats. Room for growth is a must!

Shoe Storage

For his shoes, we used the shelving in the back which fit all of them perfectly. As his shoe collection grows, there are opportunities to use product to help accommodate for more shoes or do a custom installation to increase shelving.

Lastly, this client had a secondary closet nearby that we used for seasonal clothing, business attire, and other miscellaneous items that weren't worn very often. Highly recommend doing this if you have the space! Keeps your primary closet focused on your every day items.

Products Used:


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