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Tiny Closet Organization

RiNo | Denver, CO

Do you have a tiny awkward storage closet like this one, where functional seems impossible? I'm here to tell you there's always a solution!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Tricky spaces often require creative planning, research, and patience to find the right solution. Before you start, it's important to know your measurements and your inventory, as you're more likely to find a viable solution when you know what you need to store and the size of your space.

For this client, she wanted to have a functional storage space that would make it easy to reach in and grab what she needed without having to crawl around. And, since the door entrance was only 5 feet high, she also wanted a solution with wheels so that she could roll things in and out for easier access.

I explored several options for this space, including an Elfa custom solution, wire racks, and everything in between. As I was researching options, I mocked it up in my own house to get a sense of space. I'm a visual person so this method really helps sometimes! (My tape outlines weren't totally to scale but close!)

The Solution

With the help of my amazing handyman Nick, we installed two HyLoft Heavy Duty Shelves to give my client structural elements to store her belongings on. Since the wire shelf openings were slightly wide, we also trimmed down a clear Shelf Liner to lay on top of each shelf to avoid things wobbling around. We attached the shelf liners with clear zip ties.

Then I added two rolling Elfa Wide Start-a-Stack drawer units underneath the shelves. We put a rug underneath the two rolling units to keep them in place when opening and closing the drawers and to also protect the hardwood floors. When needed, it’s easy to roll the Elfa drawer units out of the way to grab what’s needed.

Time to Get Organized

Once the shelves were installed and the rolling units were in place, I used Plastic Storage Bins to contain like-items (mostly kitchen back stock) on the shelves, put smaller household items in the drawers (such as tools), and reserved the back part of the closet where the ceiling slants to store larger items.

Moral of the Story?

There's always opportunity to make a challenging space functional. It may take a little extra effort to find the right solution, but it will be well worth it once it's done!

If you have a tricky space and you're not sure where to start, please holler!

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