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Organizing Your Fridge

When it comes to refrigerators, always remember the three Cs:

  1. Create zones

  2. Contain loose items

  3. Clean it out weekly

#1: Create Zones

Creating zones in your fridge by food category will help you locate food, which is very important when HANGRY or when you have multiple members in your household. This also helps you know what you have, which helps you grocery shop and not overbuy. Plus it looks pretty!

#2: Contain Loose Items

Utilizing the drawers and shelf compartments within your fridge, as well as investing in good products can be a game changer. I'll warn you, these products are typically not cheap, but good product can truly make a difference in keeping your fridge under control. The key here is to contain loose items as much as humanly possible.

#3: Clean it Out Weekly

If you're regularly disposing of expired food and/or food you don't like, you will have a fridge that looks and smells appetizing, you'll have space for new groceries each week, and you'll likely waste less food. I don't have a photo of this, but here's a video walk-through of this fridge, which highlights some of the products that were used...

Where to Begin?

If you're ready to embark on a fridge refresh, the first step is to clean out your fridge (pull everything out), clean all surfaces, get rid of anything that's expired, and then group your food together by category.

When planning product purchases, place all your food in the fridge grouped by category in a logical spot based on your habits. Utilize the built-in drawers and shelves first to contain the most obvious things. For any food categories that are still loose, that's a good sign that you may need to purchase a product to contain that category. Only purchase products for items you have on a regular basis. For example, if you always buy a lot of yogurt each week and you don't have a compartment or drawer to contain them in, a bin like this might be a good solution.

Below is a list of the products I used in this fridge. I find most of my fridge-related products at The Container Store, but Amazon has some good options as well. I highly recommend clear products for your fridge, otherwise you'll go crazy not being able to see things. You know the old saying - "if you can't see it, it doesn't exist!" More true than ever when it comes to your fridge. And finally, be sure to measure before you buy.

Best of luck my fridgy friends!

Products Used:

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