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A Balloon Company

Parker, CO

An amazing balloon company, Pop! Arts, hired us to help them organize their space, and to say it was a blast is a total understatement! We had SO much fun transforming this space to not only help them operate their business more efficiently, but we absolutely loved creating all the bright and colorful displays to enhance the aesthetic of their space for events.

Check out the before and after photos below, and here are some fun facts about the project to kick things off:

  • 3,000 SQFT of space

  • 1000s of balloons

  • 867 products used (jars, bins, etc)

  • 274 categories of supplies

  • 100s of types of craft supplies

  • 100s of ribbon and tassel colors

  • 2,000 -- the number of times we said, “That’s so cute!”


This wall was quite the undertaking! They had THOUSANDS of latex balloons that needed to be organized by color and size, so we organized the balloons in rainbow order and put a label on the bottom of each jar with the balloon color to help them stay organized. This is our founder, Kristi, celebrating the completion of our favorite wall!

Kristi Omdahl with a colorful balloon display

Here's the before shot! They actually had a pretty good system in place, it just needed some sprucing. The shelving system is IKEA FJÄLKINGE (does anyone know how to pronounce that?). We love this adjustable system, especially the drawers on the bottom for hidden storage.

A before photo of balloon organization

We also created a filing system for their mylar balloons in the drawers below. We folded each balloon into a reusable cello polly bag to contain them and give them structure and then used drawer dividers to separate each category of balloons (hearts, stars, etc.). And, of course, labeled the drawer ledge for each category. Now they can quickly find what they need and easily keep their inventory organized long term.

a mylar balloon filing system in IKEA drawers

Here is a behind-the-scenes photo of the sorting process! It was a ton of work and took five brains to make it happen, but it was sooooo worth it!

Behind the scenes of sorting balloons for organizing on shelves


We LOVE how this prep area turned out! It gives them a space to store all their balloon supplies and also prep for projects. And we're totally gaga over the new Ruggable Home Edit Marlowe Rainbow rug - so cute!

A craft prep area and work station

We constantly hear this from our clients -- "we don't know how to create organizing systems, but once they're in place, we are great at following them!" And this space is a great example of that. This area of their studio had become the drop zone during their hectic daily activities, but now they have a solid system in place, making it super easy to maintain and stay organized. And that's what we love helping our clients achieve!

The before photo of the craft prep area

Quite possibly the cutest pegboard one will ever see! Who needs tools when you can have ribbons and tassels of every color brightening your day? For the client, this not only looks great in the space, but it's actually super functional in helping them prepare their balloon garlands and displays for their clients, as they can see all their colors and easily grab what they need. We used paper towel pegboard accessories to hold the spools of ribbon and standard pegboard hooks for the tassels and pre-cut ribbon strands. SO CUTE. I think we're at 2,002 times.

ribbon organization on a pegboard

For the back display with all their supplies, we used a number of storage bins to organize everything in their existing IKEA Billy shelving. We evened out the shelves for a cohesive look and added the heart balloons along the top for an extra pop of LOVEly color.

Balloons and craft supplies organized in clear and white bins on IKEA Billy shelving


One of the main goals for this project overall was to create zones throughout the entire studio so that they could go to one place to find what they needed versus multiple – and this spot became the paint zone! It's fun to look at it, plus it makes it super easy to find what they need and manage their inventory to ensure they don't run out of certain paint colors.

Paint organization on white Ikea Billy shelving

This is the before photo! We utilized their existing IKEA Billy shelving unit and several different organizing solutions to get all their paint supplies organized in a way that was super visible and easily accessible.

Before photo of the paint display


We call this the glitter wall because it's sparkly and fabulous, but it's really a display of craft supplies with balloon weights on top for some added fun!

Craft supply organization

This wall was extra fun to create because we had a blank slate! We brought in another IKEA FJÄLKINGE shelving unit to create balance and consistency with the balloon wall on the opposite side of the space.

Before photo of craft supply organization

All of the drawers below store the back stock supplies for everything on the shelves. We absolutely love how this display turned out!

Craft supply organization

Ok, that's it! We hope you enjoyed this post. If you ever need a fantastic balloon display at an upcoming event, check out Pop! Arts. They are amazing at what they do.

And, of course, if you ever need help organizing your business, reach out!

A big thank you to Eric Lucero Photography for all the gorgeous "after" photos! You captured the project perfectly.

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