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5 Quick Pantry Tips

Is your pantry making you crazy? You're not alone!

Pantries are one of the most frequented areas in our homes, making it tough to stay organized. But, a solid system and the right product can make a huge difference.

Here are five quick tips for getting your pantry organized!

1) Try Fun Products

There's a product for everything (thank you, Container Store!), so don't be afraid to get creative with products like turntables and tiered trays to make accessibility easier. Because everyone needs a "can choir" in their pantry :)

2) Match Your Aesthetic

Organizing systems are an extension of your home's decor. Choose baskets that match the look and feel of your home, and be consistent with size and colors.

3) Categorize & Contain

Organize your pantry by category and then contain each category with baskets and other organizing solutions. This gives every type of item a home, making it much easier to find things and grocery shop. Of course, don't forget to label!

4) Purge, Purge, Purge!

Every month, go through your pantry and discard food that is expired or no longer of interest. This will instantly create space for the items your family enjoys, and it will help you keep your organizing system in check.

5) Utilize the Door

Don't forget about the precious door! It's a great way to expand your storage space.

Need help? Holler at me!

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